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Hire our healthcare keynote speaker in Atlanta, GA

Here at Stairwell Chronicles, we’re dedicated to helping the public understand a broad range of medical topics. If you’re hosting a medical conference in the Atlanta, GA area, consider bringing our healthcare keynote speaker, Dr. Jayne Morgan, on board. She has worked with CNN, Newsy, WSB-TV and various other news stations. Her expertise and professionalism will be on full display, helping to educate your audience and provide them with valuable insights into the medical field.

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Find a medical expert to speak at your event


If you need an experienced medical speaker to give an educational presentation at your event in Atlanta, GA or surrounding areas, look no further than Dr. Jayne Morgan of Stairwell Chronicles.

She’ll be glad to:

  • Give COVID-19 updates
  • Speak about menopause
  • Go in-depth about clinical trials
  • Refute anti-science viewpoints
  • Discuss cardiovascular diseases

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